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Important Historical 5″ Gregorian Telescope Belonging To Hon. Constantine Phipps

£ 12,500

12.5 cm (4 1/1")
This fine example of a 5" reflecting telescope on tripod stand and housed in the original oak carrying case belonged to the very interesting navel officer Phipps.
In 1773 he set off towards the North Pole with two ships, the Racehorse and the Carcuss. Phipps had with him Israel Lyons as the astronomer and one of the midshipmen on the trip was a young Horatio Nelson, there is a famous painting of Nelson and the polar bear in the maritime museum depicted from this exhibition  
A Voyage towards the North Pole was written on the return by Phipps and includes the first description of the polar bear.
In the book it also refers to using the telescope to get the correct time to give them the position on the ice.
His life was very interesting and among his friends was Sir Joseph Banks, he served as an MP and regularly spoke for the Admiralty in the House of commons.
This telescope has many similarities in design to those made by Short .
12.5 cm (4 1/1")